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The Online Forms website enables users to complete their applications for research electronically.

The website hosts a licensed copy of the NHMRC's Human Research Ethics Application (HREA), as well as SA Health SSA Forms. 

Online Forms is no longer used for applications in ACT Health, NSW Health, Mater Health, Queensland or Victoria.

Online Forms continues to operate for applications in South Australia.

For Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales, please see the information below and contact your local Research Office.



ERM (Ethical Review Manager) has replaced Online Forms in Mater Health, Queensland and Victoria.

Click here to log into ERM FORMS (https://au.forms.ethicalreviewmanager.com)

Use your existing Online Forms email login and password, or contact Helpdesk for assistance (Helpdesk@infonetica.net

Old Online Forms applications form for Mater Health, Queensland and Victoria, are still available as an archive (for reference only) for the foreseeable future and can be downloaded if required. 


REGIS (The Research Ethics and Governance Information System) has now replaced Online forms and AU RED in NSW and ACT. 

Click here to register and create an account with REGIS, or visit www.regis.health.nsw.gov.au

If you have any issues, please contact the REGIS Helpdesk on 1300 073 447 (7am to 7pm, Monday-Friday).

Support materials are also available on the REGIS website, or contact your local research office in the relevant state, NSW or ACT.


NMA Applications to SA public health organisations: clarification on local and cross-jurisdictional arrangements

NMA HREC applications to SA public health organisation HRECs: applicants can continue to generate the HREA as usual on Online Forms, by selecting/creating a New Project, then the jurisdiction “South Australia” then HREA as Ethics Form Type.  
The new HREA will be generated. 

SA SSAs where the ethical review is provided by a WA, QLD or Victorian public health organisation HREC: 
start by selecting/creating a New Project. Select “South Australia” as the jurisdiction, then select MDF as the Ethics Form Type. Complete the MDF form, return to the Project view, select the SSA tab within the project, and create the new SSA form(s) as needed. Select “South Australia” as the location, and the SSA form will be generated.

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20 August 2019

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14 Jan 2019

Please note that by 31 March 2019, all ethics (HREA) applications to ACT and NSW Health HRECs and site-governance (SSA) applications to NSW Health institutions will be processed through the Research Ethics and Governance Information System (REGIS).

BEFORE commencing any new application via online forms for ACT or NSW Health organisations at this time, you are advised to consult with the Research Office to which you are intending to submit your application for confirmation of local transition arrangements – contact details are available via the following links ACT Health or NSW Health 

For general transition information and REGIS support materials, please refer to the REGIS website

For REGIS technical support, please contact the REGIS Help Desk on: 1300 073 447 (7am 7pm, Monday-Friday).

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