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24 December 2015
For National Mutual Acceptance applications the NEAF must be used for all projects, including Low and Negligible Risk.
For State-only Low and Negligible Risk projects use a State LNR form.

17 December 2015
For researchers submitting site specific applications within South Australia Health, the SSA and LNR SSA forms have been updated with changes to the Insurance and Indemnity section. The applicant must indicate for each of the Associated Investigator(s) if evidence of insurance has been attached.


For researchers obtaining electronic signatures for the NSW LNR form, electronic authorisation is now available for an investigator, student and Head of Department.


The Transfer rule has change so that transferring project ownership will only require the owner to request the transfer and for the recipient to accept. Recipient of a permanent transfer will have full access to all management functions of the form.

The Create new project rule has changed. Only one ethics form may be submitted per project. To switch to a different jurisdiction or a different form you must uncheck the box to select a different option. A form may not be unchecked if the ethics form and/or associated SSA form(s) have been submitted.

The user manual has been updated (v1.9). If you have viewed the user manual (v1.8) recently, please clear your history/cache before clicking the User Manual link located under Help in the blue menu bar.

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